HIPPÖ Rope Sandals

HIPPÖ Rope Sandals


Step Into Your Adventure

Sandals With a Story

It was pure fate that brought the cobbler and rope sandals together for the first time. What began as a spontaneous road trip quickly turned into a serendipitous adventure of a lifetime when he stumbled across a hippie community in the middle of nowhere, USA. While working and living at this commune he learned the lost art of making rope sandals. This eventually led to the creation of 13 HIPPÖ.

Here is a video of that true story...

One Tree Planted Partnership

13 HIPPÖ is proud to be a reforestation partner of One Tree Planted.

1 HIPPÖ Sandal Sold = 5 Trees Planted.

- That’s our HIPPÖ-Promise.  

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Who is One Tree Planted?

How does the partnership work?

Why trees?

"I'm beyond obsessed with my pair of HIPPÖs. They're so comfy, I've worn them literally everyday since I got them."

- Nneka N.

"Very well done. They seem like they are made to last forever :)"

- Michael L.

"They are friggen awesome!"

- Genevieve P.

"They are amazing and comfortable!"

- Chris K.

13 Reasons To Wear HIPPÖ Rope Sandals

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